About us


Who we are?

Almost 80% of students of our society fail to score an A grade in their intermediate exams. My Inter Academy is an endeavor to ensure that a major chunk of students from our society would pass their intermediate exams with flying colors. We also observed that daily commute consumes a lot of time and energy of students which is one of the major setbacks of a conventional method of learning, therefore, making education accessible from anywhere anytime has been the primary objective of My Inter Academy. Since we are living in a society which is financially incapable to afford high-quality education, we believe that this solution will prove to be an affordable means of learning for the masses.



"We envision a nursery which transforms an intermediate student into a successful candidate who is ready to secure a position in the top-notch institutes around the globe."


1. To provide an easy and effective online learning platform to the students of our society.

2. To enable students to learn from online video tutorials and lectures from anywhere anytime at very affordable prices.

3. To ensure effective learning of students and helping them to learn with live practical of every scientific concept through simulations.


We are providing the best of matriculation courses to all the students at every corner of the country. How do we do that? By effectively utilizing the internet connectivity and online technology in the form of LMS (Learning Management System), through which students can get an award-winning learning experience, supported by interactive recorded lectures, free notes and past papers, All of these features will help student’s to breeze through their 9th and 10th class examination with flying colors. Interested? Then start now with a 7-day free trial!

Aptitude Preparation

Aptitude courses at My Inter Academy are a golden topping to an already vast library of courses, That are available for intermediate and matric students. With courses being imparted by amazing instructors, each dedicated to ECAT, BCAT and MDCAT respectively. The courses are further facilitated by detailed notes and past papers. Students can start their course for free with a 7 day trial.

Key Features

Recorded Lectures

We provide a diverse variety of recorded lectures by expert teachers to enhance the learning experience.


Quizzes help a student in the revision of earlier concepts. They also boost student’s self-confidence to further in the course.

Live Sessions

Discuss with your teachers in real-time.

MCQ's Bank

More than 10,000+ MCQs to practice from. The more you practice, the more you grow.

Solved Past Papers

Maximize your chances of nailing the exam.

Mock Exams

Assess your preparation with our specially designed Mock Tests.


Feeling a bit confused and indecisive? We’re here to help.


Getting rusty with a topic you learned months ago? These handouts will help you get your shine.